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After doing the project, Midgetysaurus, I decided to work on my Modelling and Texturing. I made the decision to model a 3D object that already exist in a game, this gives me the space to work on a high poly version of it and improving my eye for detail. Junkrat's Gun was the object I chose as it had a lot of details in terms of both texture and the mesh itself.

I tried to include every detail I could see in the original Model, from grooves to separation of parts. Although not required in this project, I tried to keep to the discipline of modelling in Quads and working in clean topology as much as I could, mainly as practice if deformations of such Models are needed in the future.

Then, I moved on to texturing and made sure I had proper UV maps, groups and Texel density, to smoothly move on to substance painter. I personally enjoyed using Substance painter as it was so easy and intuitive. Its procedural texturing, controls of different channels and the ability to paint textures or normal maps made the whole process a lot easier. 

Overall, I enjoyed the journey through this project as it was a fun piece, and I've also improved a lot on texturing. I am very satisfied with the end result and I hope you like it too!

JRG Checkered.jpg